The Courier’s Conflict

Second Book in the Bolaji Kingdoms Series:


Wolves, dragons, bears, and a courier collide in this epic battle for control of the Bolaji kingdoms.

The beasts of the North have declared war on the ten kingdoms of Bolaji. Rasha must assume the role of Princess Incumbent in order to unite the ten kingdoms against an invasion of wild beasts. If she can’t defend their northern border they could lose every kingdom in the realm. How can she end a war when her closest companions are keeping secrets, and there’s a traitor within the palace walls?

Buy The Courier’s Conflict today and find out if one courier can unite the kingdoms and defeat the beasts in this action-adventure series that proves even a princess can’t have it all.

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What people are saying:

"... The story was at times heart wrenching and then breathtaking at others. It was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster filled with action. Throw in a little political intrigue, a touch of romance and a whole cast of wonderful characters and The Courier’s Conflict is the result.  Once I started reading it, I had trouble putting it down..."
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