Starship Hope Series Book One
  • A planet on the brink of destruction.
  • A world government hiding the truth.
  • A journey through uncharted space with the last of humankind.

Dana Pinet is honored to walk in her deceased father’s footsteps as a renowned starship captain. As one of the youngest female captains in history, she’s chosen to lead an expedition crew and designated civilians to settle on a new world before their own succumbs to a catastrophic natural disaster. But when she learns her ship will hold the last remnant of her people she’ll be forced by her world leaders to keep it confidential.

Resistant to change and government conspiracy, a group of terrorists infiltrate the ship with a plot that threatens the lives of everyone on board. It will be a race against time, and treachery, to reach uncharted space while securing their survival.

Sworn to keep their true mission a secret, Dana enlists her ex-boyfriend as first officer and finds herself torn between loyalty to herself and her duty. Her choice right or wrong will either save them or be their doom.

PLOT SYNOPSIS – Exodus (Starship Hope Series 1)

Originally entitled Hope Saved, Zelenian Chronicles Book One, this is the introduction to the crew of the Starship Hope. If you’re wondering what is the difference between this one and the former. How about an additional 100+ new pages?