Starship Hope: Exodus

Starship Hope Series Book One

One ship. One stowaway. Too many terrorists, and no turning back.

Since the death of her father, Captain Dana Pinet has always wanted to follow in his footsteps and go on missions to deep space. The opportunity arrives when she’s chosen to lead an elite crew to explore uncharted space to find a new planet for her people. The world government is hiding the whole truth. A planet-killing asteroid is already on its way. The secret designed to keep their people from panicking has birthed a terrorist group bent on exposing the truth whatever the cost.

When rebels manage to escape the planet onboard the Starship Hope, Dana will be forced to make a choice between duty to her crew or following orders. Her choice right or wrong could be the thing that destroys the last remnant of humans in the galaxy.

If you like complicated female heroines committed to duty, heart, and home you’ll love the beginning of a new science fiction adventure featuring Captain Dana Pinet.

PLOT SYNOPSIS – Exodus (Starship Hope Series Book 1)

Originally entitled Hope Saved, Zelenian Chronicles Book One, this is the introduction to the crew of the Starship Hope. If you’re wondering what is the difference between this one and the former. How about an additional 100+ new pages?