The Courier’s Code

First Book of The Bolaji Kingdoms Series:

She prefers her weapon to her crown. Can this undercover heir save the land from destruction?

Sixteen-year-old Rasha hates being royal. Working covertly as a courier, the sword-wielding, purple-skinned rebel delivers across all ten kingdoms no matter the dangers. But when she discovers her latest package contains a human princess, she faces her most treacherous mission yet…

While transporting the beautiful girl to the crown prince, Rasha bravely fights off ambushing enemies bent on killing her cargo. All the while a mysterious charmer follows her every footstep and claims he’s only tracking her progress. But Rasha is not about to loosen her grip on her double blades…

With the fate of the ten kingdoms on her shoulders will Rasha deliver, or are her parcel and her people doomed?

The Courier’s Code is the spellbinding first book in the Bolaji Kingdoms YA fantasy series. If you like feisty heroines, original worlds, and court intrigue, then you’ll love T.S. Valmond’s epic tale.