The Courier’s Quest

Third Book in The Bolaji Kingdoms Series:

With the fate of the eleven kingdoms on her shoulders will Rasha deliver, or are her people doomed?

The royal Choosing is imminent, but Rasha Indari has no interest in being queen. She finally has everything she’s always wanted and more. She’s a courier with a talented partner and another fantastical pet. When an old friend goes missing, and a plague sweeps across the realm, it’s up to Rasha to solve both mysteries before all the citizens of Bolaji are lost.

Armed with her short swords and her new friends Rasha will set out to save her world once again. However, she’s running out of time to find the mysterious cure. If she fails, she’ll lose everyone she holds dear. 

If you liked the previous books in the Bolaji Kingdoms series, you’ll love The Courier’s Quest. It is the last book in the enthralling young adult fantasy series.