Starship Hope: Nexus

Starship Hope Series Book Four

Two Queens. One Space station.

No way out…

Captain Dana Pinet and her crew have taken respite on the Nexus, a space station with more amenities than they can afford. To cover the ship’s repairs, she resorts to loaning out some of her crew. While the first officer and his ex play out their nightmare inside a virtual adventure for the entertainment of others, Dana attempts to track down the help they need to navigate the space on this side of the wormhole. 

Things on the space station go from intriguing to horrifying when space beetles with metal cutting limbs escape their cargo hold, threatening to bring down the entire station.

Dana has to team up with several locals to return to her ship and escape the station before it’s too late. 

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PLOT SYNOPSIS – Nexus (Starship Hope Series 4)