Starship Hope: Viral

Starship Hope Series Book Three

The virus won’t kill them but the honesty might

Captain Dana Pinet and the crew of the Starship Hope have tracked down the thieving pirates who stole their embryos. A chance at finding a new planet for their people to settle is finally within their grasp. But when an alien truth-agent infects everyone on board, their survival will fall into the hands of an android, an escaped criminal, and a girl with uncanny abilities. 

The alien pirates insist they know the way to a space station all they have to do is give up their pursuit of the embryos and travel through a wormhole. But with everyone’s emotions running as high as their temperatures keeping a secret becomes impossible threatening any chance they have at making logical decisions.

Dana isn’t willing to give up on the human race; not for directions, not for alien tech, and not even for love. They need an antidote and their embryos and she’s not leaving the system without them.

If you like close encounters of the dangerous kind, then you’ll love Viral, the third book in the space opera adventure series Starship Hope.

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PLOT SYNOPSIS – Viral (Starship Hope Series Book 3)