Welcome to my little playground!

I’m still tweaking things around here, but I hate to make people wait, so here’s a sample of what’s to come in 2017. An unedited excerpt from Book One of the Bolaji Kingdoms Series – The Courier’s Code

Rasha Indari is a 17-year-old courier with a perfect record and a quick temper. She gets the job done by the edge of her sword when necessary, with no allegiances to anyone, except maybe her partner Lu. Her biggest challenge yet is a fetch she can’t refuse and a drop that can’t fail. She’ll need all the help she can get whether she wants it or not.


“Yes, I need to speak with someone immediately, I have a fetch to dispute.” Rasha said speaking into the thin square communicator.

“We deliver: we don’t ask, we don’t tell, the-”

“-courier always delivers. I know the code, you robotic pumseed. No, this is above and beyond.”

“This job was requested and accepted by you.” The computerized voice droned.

“Incorrect, not requested. I demand an audience with the Courier’s Keep, I want a real being not an artificial-”

“Fetch & Drop Assignment 2-4879 requested by Luduru Moren, accepted by Rasha Jenchat.”


“That is correct, requested by Luduru Mo-.” She switched off the device with a swipe of one finger and slipped the clear square back into her pouch. Then she turned to Lu.

He was already backing up but not fast enough. Rasha grabbed him by the vest and hauled him up against the opposite wall.

“What the yahtz have you done?”

“Wait, I can explain, I can explain.”