For VIP readers who get my emails each month, you already know that I’ve got a new series coming and how exciting it is for me.

I’m co-authoring the Verity Chronicles with USA Today’s bestselling author Amy Duboff. Her fans call her the Queen of Space Opera. Check out my interview with her over on Amy’s Website.

Working with another author is new to me but I’m learning a lot. I’ve picked up my pace and am working harder than I ever have before.

The toughest thing about the process is sharing my story with someone before it’s been to an editor. It felt very surreal and intimate to show all of that work with someone and hope it didn’t make them physically sick.

(So far she’s still alive.)

The best part about writing a book with Amy, in particular, is that she’s an experienced co-author. She absolutely gets what it feels like to be a new author working with someone with more experience.

Because of her love of sci-fi and fantasy, she gets me and what I want to see on the page as a reader and writer.

My new series the Verity Chronicles takes place in the Cadicle Universe created by Amy Duboff. The first book in the Verity Chronicles series will be released into Amazon exclusively at the end of January 2020.

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