As an author, I have no problem with change. Actually, I thrive on it. You pick up so many great tidbits that can be put into your stories. But to be honest this last move from Central America back to North America has been a hot mess of stress. Maybe I’m just getting too old for this.

We had trouble from the minute we decide to leave Nicaragua. From selling our appliances to packing our bags. Though, nothing was as bad as shipping our dog in international cargo. That was the worst. If you’ve got a dog that doesn’t fit under an airplane seat hit me up below with a comment. It’s a pain in the neck not to mention expensive.

Then there’s that whole moving before you have a job or a place to live. Not the easiest feat but we accomplished it in about a month’s time. Which meant staying in a lot of cold spare bedrooms and basements until we officially arrived. (I’m still adjusting to winter weather, but as we speak I’m turning up the heat in my own place.)

Now I’m home and finally able to relax enough to let you all know I made it. There are some things I’m really looking forward to and like you, I try to focus on the positive.

For example, I can drink the water again and walk around my house without wearing shoes.

I’m getting used to having access to a dryer again. I don’t know what I’m going to do with all these clothespins 🙂 and I think my clothes have all shrunk a little or I’m eating too much.

High-speed internet has been a joy that I’ve missed.

Last but not least, I can’t wait for The Courier’s Conflict to drop in just 3 days!

It’s been a wild ride but I need to finish up a little surprise I have for you and I can’t do that if I’m playing on the blog. I’ll see you later.