What is A Different Kind of Hero?

This new anthology explores fantastical worlds where the hero of the story is battling more than just dragons and mythical creatures, they’ve also got either a mental or physical disability. Why?

Before I give you the backstory, let me tell you what you’ll get with this anthology.

Who are the authors and what kind of stories?

  • 11 Clean YA Fantasy Short Stories
  • My Bolaji Empire First in Series
  • 11 Main Characters with Disabilities
  • 11 Amazing YA Fantasy Authors

To learn more about the other authors and their stories click here.

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A Different Kind of Hero contains my first story in the Bolaji Empire series. It follows the life of a deaf mermaid who wants to be a member of the royal guard.

Where did I get the idea?

As a former sign language interpreter, it made sense to create a deaf character and put her into this world. When a group of my fellow authors decided to put together this kind of clean epic/urban fantasy collection I knew I had to be a part of it.

Will there be more in this series?

Yes, there will be more. Over the next few months, I’ll be focusing on my science fiction series but this mermaid is very important to the continuation of this series and a whole lot more. (I’m literally bouncing up and down because I want to spill the beans and tell you more.)

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