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  • SFFCON 2020

    This was the inaugural year of the virtual Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention hosted by Amy (A.K.) Duboff. The goal of the con was to bring creatives and fans together to talk about all things sci-fi and fantasy. I was super excited to be a part of this event for a number of reasons. Let…

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  • Verity Chronicles: On the Run

    ***Squeeee*** It’s here! With the launch of the third book in the series, I’m so pleased to put out another completed story arc. Can you believe it? It’s been a crazy year and to say I completed three published books in 2020 is really saying something. Thanks to my co-author A.K. Duboff for making this…

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  • Welcome to the family Divided Loyalties

    The second co-authored book in the Verity Chronicles has officially launched exclusively on Amazon. If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, what are you waiting for? If you’re feeling audacious you can even pre-order book three. Then you won’t have to remind yourself to buy it later. Have a great week everyone! If you don’t…

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  • Verity Chronicles Book Two

    Divided Loyalties is the second book in the 3 book series. If you’ve just finished reading Exile, don’t wait, go and pre-order the second book right now and be the first to read it on the day of its release. *hint* The release date will be much sooner than displayed on Amazon. That’s all I…

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  • Verity: Exile is Here

    After many months of toil, book one in the Verity Chronicles, Exile, is live and available for purchase on Amazon. This book and the next two will all be available in Kindle Unlimited. I’m so excited to have been able to work with Amy and I would do it again. At the moment, I’m half…

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  • Co-Authoring Verity with A.K. Duboff

    For VIP readers who get my emails each month, you already know that I’ve got a new series coming and how exciting it is for me. I’m co-authoring the Verity Chronicles with USA Today’s bestselling author Amy Duboff. Her fans call her the Queen of Space Opera. Check out my interview with her over on…

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  • 99¢ On Sale Now!

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  • The Guardian’s Code Has Arrived!

    This story is close to my heart and I had a great time creating her world. I hope you will enjoy this new character from Bolaji as much as I did.   The Guardian’s Code is available now in paperback here. Find your favorite ebook store here!

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  • FREE For 2 Days Only

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  • The Zelenian Chronicles ~Hope Saved~Live

    Every time I hit publish I give myself a million reasons why I should wait:   Wait for the editor to finish the second book. Wait until I’m done writing the third and fourth. Wait until someone says it’s okay. Wait until I can afford to advertise.   Let’s be honest. I’m a child of…

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  • Arrival ~Sneak Peek
    Arrival ~Sneak Peek

    I hope by now I don’t have to tell you that there could be spoilers in this preview. If you haven’t read the other four books what in the world are you waiting for? Go check them out over at the Starship Hope series home page. Now on to the good stuff… ~Preview~ People ran…

  • The Expanded Universe Vol. 9
    The Expanded Universe Vol. 9

    Available on Amazon for a limited time only. Get your copy of The Expanding Universe Volume 9 today! Status Three Agent ~A Short Story Excerpt~ “Stop, in the name of the IC!” Status Three Agent Clay Taylor-Davis shouted the warning as he snaked through the overcrowded streets of Central City. His optical upgrades created a…

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    The Next Nexus

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